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Why are meals free for all children 18 and under?
During distance learning the USDA is allowing schools to switch to the Seamless Summer Option a program that is used during the summer when school is not in session. The Seamless Summer Option allows all children under 18 to eat for free.
Do meals still have to meet the nutrition requirements?
A nationwide waiver is in place to waive specific meal patterns requirements as needed to support access to nutritious meals when certain foods are not available due to the novel coronavirus. Meal pattern changes are justified based upon disruptions to the availability of food products resulting from unprecedented impacts of Covid-19.
Can parents pick up meals for their kids without their children present?
Yes, only for students enrolled in the Palo Verde Unified School District. The parent must have a meal ID card issued from the Nutrition Services Department to pick up meals for their children. Children not enrolled in the school district must be present to receive meals.
Can I pick up meals for my friends kid?
Yes, as long as you have their meal card or child is present.
Why does the meal box have different food items than what is listed on the menu?
If a box is different from the menu, it is due to a delivery shortage. During the pandemic, food shortages and delays in deliveries are more likely to occur. Blythe is in a rural setting and relies on vendors from several hours outside of Blythe. When food is delivered, it is often too late to recognize errors on the order and make adjustments in time for food service.
Why don't I have breakfast items in my box?
With the waiver in place, the Nutrition Department is able to serve more meals by meeting required components. This means instead of serving each meal (breakfast, lunch, supper and snack) the Nutrition Department is able to meet the required components of grain, meat/meat alternate, vegetable, fruit and milk. The Nutrition Department is limited on food storage which means that not all 4 meals would be met if single serve items were used.