Twin Palms High School

In addition to achieving the 160 credit goal, students must also:

1) Pass Math I
2) Pass Senior Project

Subject Area Credits Required
English 9 10
English 10 10
English 11 10
World History 10
U.S. History 10
Economics 5
Civics 5
Math 1

If Math I taken @ TP



Other Math 10
Life Science 10
Physical Science 10
Physical Education 20
Fine Arts 10
Senior Project 5

If Math I taken @ TP

25     or 15
Total 160

Note:  While these criteria and results apply to all students, Special Education Case Managers and Language Acquisition Teams at school sites can consider exceptions based on IEP goals and the individual needs of English learners.  Additionally, school faculty and staff shall work diligently to call a conference if a student becomes at risk of not graduating on time.