TK Information

  • The required instructional minutes, length of instructional time, and statutory class size limits are the same as the requirements for Kindergarten
  • The Palo Verde Unified School District TK model will mirror the structure of our current Kindergarten program with regards to class size and schedules
  • TK teachers have the same credential requirements as Kindergarten teachers
  • TK is defined as “the first year of a two-year kindergarten program that uses a modified Kindergarten curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate”

Frequently Asked Questions

Must children attend transitional kindergarten or kindergarten?

  • Parents/guardians are currently not required to enroll children in transitional kindergarten or kindergarten. (EC Section 48200)

What is required to register a transitional kindergarten student?

  • Parents/guardians are required to follow the Palo Verde Unified School District’s enrollment requirements.

What will a transitional kindergarten program schedule look like?

  • The number of required instructional minutes for Transitional Kindergarten is 36,000 minutes per year, approximately180 minutes in a school day. (Education Code sections 46117 and 46201) Therefore, transitional kindergarten will have a similar schedule to the current Palo Verde Unified School District kindergarten schedule.

Is a parent/guardian required to re-register for kindergarten after attending transitional kindergarten?

  • No, parents/guardians will not be required to re-register their child for the subsequent year, however, parents wishing to change schools in the subsequent year will be required to follow intra-district transfer requirements.

Will transitional kindergarten students be enrolled at their neighborhood school?

  • It is anticipated that Transitional Kindergarten classes will be housed at each of the district’s elementary schools beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.

Will transitional kindergarten students have an opportunity to attend an alternative school site?

  • In the event a parent desires a student’s transfer to a different school site, the parent must follow the district intra-district transfer procedures.  Request for Transfer forms are available at the school sites and at the District Office.   The district may approve a transfer request on a space-available basis.  In the event of such a transfer, the parent would be responsible for transportation arrangements.

Anyone wishing information about the Transitional Kindergarten program or wanting to observe the program is invited to contact the PVUSD Curriculum and Instruction Department at the Palo Verde Unified District Office.