Margaret White Elementary School
610 N. Broadway
Blythe CA, 92225

Phone: 760-922-5159

Principal: April Smith

16-17 Supply Lists

Margaret White Suggested Supply List

All Grade Levels

Copy Paper
Facial Tissue
Dry Erase Markers
Disinfecting Wipes


Specific Grade Levels


4 Glue Sticks
Gallon Size Ziplock Bags
Baby Wipes

First Grade

Water Bottle

Second Grade

Glue Sticks

Third Grade


Fourth Grade

Color Pencils

Fifth Grade

Loose Leaf Paper


Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade

Red, Blue, and Black Pens
Pick, Yellow, Green, and Blue Highlighters
Composition Notebooks (not spiral)
Loose Leaf Paper
6 folders OR Binder with 6 Dividers
Pencil Holder/Box
Scotch Tape
Glue Sticks
**Eighth grade students can access this Info by going to, jon class by using code ajfr7d




At the request of Palo Verde Unified School District’s Board of Education, the Riverside County Office of Education will host a meeting to solicit input on identifying the essential qualifications to select the new superintendent.  The meeting will be held at the District Office, 295 N. 1st Street, in the Board Room on June 8, 2016, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

If you are unable to attend, a survey will be available on the districts Web site until June 11, 2016. Computers are available at the district office for public use to complete the survey.

Illuminate Home Connection App

Illuminate Home Connection Portal APP gives students, parents and guardians quick and easy access to student achievement and other important school information without having to memorize any complicated URLs. Parents and guardians can monitor students attendance, assessments, grades and more.  The app can be used by Apple and Android users.  To download the app, visit the AppStore or GooglePlay and search for “illuminate HC”

February Students of the Month

  • Carolina Magana-Falomir
  • Julissa DeLaRosa
  • Barbara DeHererra
  • Claira Covarrubias
First Grade
  • Madeline Green
  • Bella Fontes
  • Cruz Silva
Second Grade
  • Anthony Newton
  • Brian Bato
  • Jazmine Enriquez
Third Grade
  • Danissa Ortega
  • Jennifer Perez
  • Augustin Hernandez
Fourth Grade
  • Jose Manjarrez
  • Yuridia Mendoza Valles
Fifth Grade
  • Jasmine Vasquez
  • Jose Valenzuela Sanchez
  • Brianna Bautista
Sixth Grade
  • Deviny Murillo
  • Roberto Ruiz
Seventh Grade
  • Drake Whiting
  • Efrain Moreno
Eight Grade
  • Kiabeth Rodriguez
  • Tayler Goodchild

Margaret White January Students of the Month

  • Ava Rodriguez
  • Julian Martinez
  • Koen Drummond
  • Peyton Ponder
First Grade
  • Antonio Barron
  • Tomas Sanchez
  • Alyssa Lorona
Second Grade
  • Logan Hafen
  • Juan Carlos Duran
  • Krystyna Flores
  • Avyna Perez
Third Grade
  • Dominic Shelton
  • Nikolus Rivera
  • Aliciyah Luna-Rivera
Fourth Grade
  • Aubrey Green
  • Logan Copple
Fifth Grade
  • Thomas Daniel
  • Diego Rivera
  • Brooke Martinez
Sixth Grade
  • Mary Jane Victoria
  • Jezabel Flores
  • Leah Henry
  • Destiny Munyon
Seventh Grade
  • William Daugherty
  • Joey Bryant
Eight Grade
  • Alejandro Lee
  • Maya Downs