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The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) authorizes credentials for professional educators at every level of the Learning-to-Teach System. A primary goal is to ensure that all students receive instruction from fully trained and qualified teachers who are themselves, life-long learners.

If you are entering the BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) Induction Program, it means that you hold a valid Preliminary Credential, and you have completed preliminary coursework, either in an Internship or in a traditional pre-service program. You will now be participating in BTSA Induction.

In order to earn a recommendation for a California Clear Credential, each Participating Teacher (PT) must participate in BTSA Induction, a two-year, job-embedded professional development program. As a fundamental outcome of the program, each PT must demonstrate and reflect upon the application of
pedagogical skills in the context of their teaching position. Each PT will collect related evidence over the course of the Induction Program to submit to the Program Coordinator. All evidence must demonstrate abilities and applications beyond what was demonstrated for the Preliminary Credential. The PT will be guided through the Program with the support of a trained Support Provider (SP).

Induction Standards for Teachers

California Standards for the Teaching Profession

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