Our priority is to improve Palo Verde Unified School District schools. We do this by partnering with teachers, administrators, parents and the school community to measurably improve student achievement. We provide effective, high quality consultation, curriculum support and coaching services, and the critical component of categorical funding.


Curriculum and Instruction Services

We provide tools, best practices, and interventions to support strategic work and instructional leadership.

  • Develop assessments and evaluation tools
  • Support understanding and collection of valid and reliable data
  • Assist in analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and lead discussions about implications for future instructional practices
  • Develop and disseminate best practices, exemplars and roadmaps for instruction
  • Develop and continuously maintain quality curriculum tools, products and services
  • Identify strategic professional growth for initiatives
  • Monitor implementation of district initiatives
  • Coordinate subject area initiatives
  • Integrate technology
  • Support use of EADMS and/or other district assessment tools
  • Select and implement intervention strategies

Tracie Kern
Director C & I
7609224164 ext. 1239

Lois Shaffer
Director Data, Assessment, and Accountability
7609224164 ext. 1239

Kristin Tennefos
Administrative Assistant C&I
7609224164 ext. 1239

Paula Garcia
EL Coordinator
7609227164 ext. 1507

Kay Smith
EL Coordinator
7609227164 ext. 1507