Perfect Attendance 9/6

Classes with Perfect Attendance Wednesday, 9/5
Miss George-Rm 29
Mr. Dagnino-Rm 26
Miss Fletcher-Rm 12
Miss Lopez-Rm 4
Mrs. Costilla-Rm 22
Ms. DeRosa-Rm 17
Miss Vaca-Rm 3
Mrs. Chute-Rm 21
Mr. Hunter-Rm 18
Mr. Jacquez-Rm 19
Mrs. Gonzalez-Rm 10
Mrs. Loureiro-Rm 1
Mrs. Holbert-Rm 25
Mrs. White-Rm 28
Mr. Teran-Rm 11

Parent Info Night 9/5/2018

Thank you to everyone who came to the first Parent Informational Night. Parents and students learned about our PBIS. Afterward, students and parents were served hot dogs, chips, and cookies.

A big shout out to Brock Peterson, Mia Peterson, Melissa Peterson, Brenda Rymer, and Carol Wade for their hard work cooking and serving.